Urgent Appeal

Michael Romaniuk maintained an unequal battle with cancer that has attacked him on a great scale. Unfortunately, doctors had exhausted all available and known methods of treatment in Poland. The only hope for Michael is to take consultations in foreign clinics. If that succeed Michael and his family will need huge financial help!!!

Please help us to fight for his life!

All details can be found on the forum http://www.ludzie-serca.pl/ and on Michael’s blog http://www.michalekromaniuk.blogspot.com/


bank: Bank Zachodni WBK

account number : 20 1090 2040 0000 0001 0887 3169

IBAN: PL 20 1090 2040 0000 0001 0887 3169


Fundacja z Usmiechem
ul. Paderewskiego 11/39
25-001 KIELCE

It's very important to make a note: DLA MICHAŁKA


Fate wasn't on Michael's side from the very beginning of his existence… When I was pregnant with Michael, the doctor stated he wasn't developing properly. A diagnosis was made, which no mother waiting for her beloved baby would want to hear - the baby was dead. A visit to a hospital, final USG to confirm the diagnosis - came right after. But it turned out the heart was beating, our little thing was alive and well. There were no more problems whatsoever throughout the pregnancy.

Michael was born healthy, but fate had put another bump on our road: when Michael was 3 months old the doctors claimed he was blind. Again, we had to face despair, attend numerous medical consultations and specialized tests. Yet again, God bless, the diagnosis proved to be incorrect for the second time! Michael’s eyes were just fine!

When our Mickey had finished 2,5 years, he was put to a hospital with symptoms of viral enteritis. This day changed our whole life. After many specialized tests the diagnosis which was dropped upon us sounded like an ultimate sentence: NEUROBLASTOMA, a malignant tumor. I was praying for this diagnosis to be a bad dream, another mistake… Unfortunately this time it wasn't the case. Our whole world collapsed, we faced terrible thoughts, pain… I kept looking at my son crying and thinking “why it had to be him? why was fate so cruel to him? why not me?". The only things I felt were horror, fear and despair…

Every single day of fighting against this illness filled us with anxiety. The tumor had been removed, Michael went through autotransplantation. Everything seemed to be going really good, he was on his way to being well.

6 months ago, after a year of respite, Michael was sent to the hospital after a routine test. We were presented with a terrifying diagnosis: a relapse. Our world collapsed once again. The cancer was spreading rapidly. It attacked the marrow, spinal cord, lymph nodes.
Four cycles of chemotherapy brought no improvement. The cancer now attacks Michael's bones.
Today, at the clinic in Lublin, where my son is being treated, I was told that the doctors did everything they could. They can do nothing more for my son. I refuse to accept this. I'd like to consult Michael's state with one of the european clinics (Cologne, Heidelberg). We need financial aid if our son is to get a fighting chance.

Our family isn't wealthy. We live in Poland, Kolorówka Osada, which is a poor, post-collective farming village. We are a family of five, us and three children living in a one-room flat. My husband's casual work, as a construction worker, is our sole source of income. He didn't get any job opportunities throughout the winter. I failed to find employment in our area.

I plead for your help. Every amount of money is crucial. I know there are people with big hearts, not indifferent about suffering and injustice. We can't go through it without your help. I beg you as a mother, don't let money decide of my son's life...
                                                                                                                     Iwona Romaniuk